Besides the LIS, there are plenty of relevant fields, where information, technology and people compose the symphony together.

  • Imagine, how application for managing your smart house could look like?
  • Think about, how information is shared among pilot crew within a cockpit of Airbus A380?
  • Or how Spotify mobile app is designed in order to support various kinds of music lovers.

Anybody interested? It might be your future battlefield.


In Human-computer interaction course you will discover what usable product means to the user? How to make your design effective, efficient and satisfying for users in their contexts. We will talk about usability principles, process of interaction design itself and we will dive into several evaluation methods.

What you will learn

  • After the course, you will be able to analyze your users, their needs, tasks and their context using various task analyses tools.
  • You will be familiar with rapid prototyping techniques using paper and digital mockups in order to quickly come up with your ideas.
  • You will be able to critically evaluate your design and gather relevant feedback from your users.

And now

Sing up here.


  • Class is lectured in Czech.
  • Concrete study plan will be discussed on first lecture. 



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