SL Education Roundtable Weekly Meeting

Zajimavý meetinng, který hostí Montclair State University, proběhne v SL kampusu ve stejnojmenné budově na této adrese.

21. dubna, 23:30h (již převedeno)

Tématem je administrace Second Lifu vzhledem k ostrovům, parcelám a vedení skupin. 

"Our meeting theme for this week is Administrative Best Practices. As a group will will raise and address questions on how to best administer things in Second Life, to including, but not limited to: Sims, Parcels, and Groups".

Další info na FB.

Další meetingy: 

April 28th
The Linden Listening Tour: Changes to Adult Content - an EDU Perspective
Very Special Guests: Claudia Linden, George Linden, and Pathfinder Linden

May 5th
SPECIAL Panel Discussion - Health and Health Education. Special Guest: Carolina Keats

May 12th
Students and Second Life. Coordinated by Margaret Michalski, with special guests.

May 19th
Increasing our Ranks

May 26th
Virtual Worlds other than Second Life

June 2nd
Special - details TBA

June 9th
Are we our Avatars?

June 16th
International Perspectives

June 23rd
Dealing with Non-Virtual Worlds Issues.

Hope to see you there folks from Inflow... :-)



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